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WaveCel Helmets from Bontrager

WaveCel Helmets from Bontrager

WaveCel represents a major advancement in the protection against cycling-related head injuries that disrupts 30 years of accepted safety conventions. WaveCel is a collapsible cellular structure that lines the inside of your Bontrager helmet. It’s designed to be more effective than traditional foam helmets in protecting your head from injuries caused by certain cycling accidents.

WaveCel works like a crumple zone that helps absorb the force of impact before it reaches your head. In order to protect your head and absorb the energy created by an angled impact, WaveCel is designed to go through a three-step change in material structure.

WaveCel Step 1

Step #1: Flex

First, the cells flex to reduce the initial frictional forces.

WaveCel Step 2

Step #2: Crumple

Next, the cells crumple like a car bumper on impact.

WaveCel Step 3

Step #3: Glide

Finally, WaveCel glides to redirect energy away from your head.

Bontrager X WaveCel

This revolutionary material is the brainchild of a biomechanical engineer and an orthopedic surgeon who wanted to solve the problem of cycling-related head injuries. It’s the first advanced helmet technology ever to receive funding from the US National Institute of Health.