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Full Service Bicycle & Repair


SouthWest Bicycles is a full service bicycle and repair store that has been providing quality service and repairs since 1995. We work on all makes and models of bikes and do everything from replacing tires and tubes to disc brake bleeds, wheel building and comprehensive overhauls. Quick fixes such as replacing a tube or an easy gear adjustment can oftentimes be completed while you wait or go run an errand. More detailed service usually takes 1 to 2 days (extra time will be required if we need to order parts). If you would like, we can set up an appointment that will work within your schedule. We will also provide you with a free estimate before beginning work on your bike.

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Our Most Popular Service Packages

BMX or Single Speed Tune - $45.00   We adjust the headset (steering), bottom bracket (crank) and hub (wheel) bearings, do minor wheel truing (straightening), lube the chain and wipe down the bike.

Full Tune - $75.00   We adjust all bearings, adjust brakes and gears, true the wheels, lube the chain, lube the cables and wipe down the bike. Options: For just $60.00 more we will replace all cables (exceptions apply) or bleed a pair of hydraulic brakes.

Full Tune with Shimano DI2 Firmware Update - $110.00

Ultimate Tune - $250.00   Bike is dismantled; all parts are cleaned and inspected for wear and replaced if needed (extra costs apply), cables are replaced; hub, bottom bracket and headset bearings are cleaned and repacked with grease; frame, fork and wheels are cleaned and detailed; and bike is reassembled and properly adjusted.

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