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At SouthWest Bicycles, we simply love bikes. And we happen to know them pretty well too. The bicycle repair staff at SWB is knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy. If your bike is in need of repair or just a bike tune-up, we provide fast and dependable service to get you back on the road or trail in no time. We fix any type of bicycle from department store bikes to racing road bikes. Please note, our pricing is subject to change, so please call us at 623-412-3150 or drop us an email with any questions or for further information.

Bike Repair Pricing

Prices are subject to change with the seasons. Please contact us to check our current pricing. 

Add Tire Sealant$7.00

Freehub Body Replacement$20.00

Hub Adjust$15.00

Hub Overhaul$25.00

Hub Overhaul Coaster Brake$30.00

Hub Overhaul Chris King Front$30.00

Hub Overhaul Chris King Rear$45.00

Hub Overhaul Shimano Internal Gear$40.00

Sew Up (Tubular) Install New Rim$40.00

Sew Up (Tubular) Install Old Rim$60.00

Tire Install Tubeless (includes sealant)$20.00
Tire/Tube Install$7.00

Wheel Build$60.00

Wheel True$20.00


Bottom Bracket Adjust$15.00

Bottom Bracket Overhaul$20.00

Bottom Bracket Thread Repair$30.00

Chain Install (includes cleaning and lubing)$10.00

Crank Arm Thread Repair$10.00

Derailleur Adjust$15.00

Derailleur Cable Install Aero Bike (includes cable)$35.00

Derailleur Cable Install Non Aero Bike (includes cable)$25.00

Derailleur Hanger Alignment$15.00

Derailleur Install Aero Bike (includes cable)$40.00

Derailleur Install Non Aero Bike (includes cable)$30.00
DI2 Firmware Update and Adjustments$60.00

DI2 Install Complete (on a non-prepped frame)$200.00

DI2 Install Complete (on a prepped frame)$150.00

Drivetrain Clean$40.00

Shifter Install Aero Bike (includes cable)$35.00

Shifter Install Non Aero Bike (includes cable)$25.00

Shift/Brake Lever (integrated) Install (includes cables)$35.00


 Brake Adjust$10.00

 Brake Bleed$30.00

 Brake Cable Install Aero Bike (includes cable)$35.00

 Brake Cable Install Non-Aero Bike (includes cable)$25.00

 Brake Install Aero Bike (includes cable)$40.00

 Brake Install Non Aero Bike (includes cable)$30.00

 Brake Install Hydraulic on Flat Bars (includes bleed)$40.00

 Brake Install Hydraulic on Flat Bars (without bleed)$30.00



 Frame and ForkPrice

 Bottom Bracket Adjust$15.00

 Bottom Bracket Overhaul$30.00

 Bottom Bracket Thread Repair$30.00

 Fork Install (includes cutting new threads)$40.00

 Fork Install$30.00

 Fork Suspension Overhaul$60.00

Headset Adjust$10.00

Headset Install$30.00

Headset Overhaul$30.00

Rack/Fender/Bottle Boss Thread Repair (per boss)$5.00

Ream and Face Bottom Bracket$30.00

Ream and Face Fork$30.00

Ream and Face Headtube$30.00

Shock Overhaul Rear Fox$35.00

Shock Overhaul Rear Other$45.00

 Other Services and RepairsPrice

Bike Assembly (BMX/Single Speed)$50.00

Bike Assembly Standard$100.00

Bike Assembly Pro (kit)$150.00

Install Cyclocomputervaries

Install Fenders$20.00

Install Rear Rack$10.00
Tape Bars$10.00

Prices are for a single install (one tire, one brake, etc.), do not include parts except where indicated, and are subject to change at any time. If you are not sure what your bike needs, please stop by and let us take a look - estimates are always free!