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Why Surly Bikes?

Surly makes serious steel bikes for people who don't take themselves too seriously. 

There’s a lot packed into that statement about what Surly does and who buys a Surly Bike. Let’s unpack it a bit, shall we?


Surly is adamant that steel is the best material for the kinds of bikes they design and ride.

Their ‘Natch!’ tubesets are 100% proprietary 4130 CroMoly. This means every model has a unique tubeset designed by their engineers to match the intended use and loading characteristics of the bike. In addition, sizes within each model have tubesets scaled to preserve optimum butting profiles. Their forks, too, are proprietary and model-specific. These features create the characteristic “Surly Ride” – comfort and compliance – that is consistent across all Surly bikes. Add to this foundation of proprietary tubing their assortment of custom dropouts, fittings, and castings. The frame is the most important part of the bike. Design details and frame features create a foundation that Surly riders can customize to make it their own. 

Much like their bikes, Surly riders span the range of sizes and shapes. So what? This isn’t some exclusive club. You’re welcome to join as long as you’re comfortable in your own skin. One thing Surly riders have in common is a penchant for cutting through nonsense. You don’t need to wear a uniform or kit to ride a Surly. Just throw your leg over and go. Surly customers appreciate that Surly doesn't tell them how they or their bikes should look. Instead, they provide space for them to outfit and customize in ways that uniquely suit them. It’s less about the gear and more about the experience. It’s about having fun on your bike. However, you choose to define fun.

A few final words about Surly values: UTILITY. VERSATILITY. DURABILITY.   

Surly makes functional bikes that do what they’re designed to do. They don’t build one-trick ponies; they help Surly riders embrace options. Their bikes are built to last a long time.

Surly Bikes