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How often should you have your mountian bike suspension serviced

Taking care of your investment

A bike is a major investment, and if you want it to pay off over the years you need to adequately care for it. Your mountain bike suspension is a critical component of your bike that can quickly derail your riding experience if not cared for. You may be out on the trail and suddenly realize your squish doesn’t feel the way it usually does. Or as you're washing off your bike post ride you notice the the fork or stanchion seems kind of dry. When was the last time you had your suspension thoroughly serviced? How often should it be serviced?

Signs you need service

While there are general recommendations and time-frames for suspension service, there are also some tell tale signs. As mentioned above, one simple one is if your normally slightly greasy fork seems dry, you likely are in need of service. Secondly, if you notice your fork or shock doesn’t have the bump sensitivity you’re used to, you will want to bring it in for service. In addition, if your fork or shock is losing a lot of air or oil, you need immediate service. Another sign that you need prompt service is if your rear air shocks make bubbling noises or if there is almost no action in the rebound adjustment.

Timetable for service

Your service timetable is going to impacted by many factors such as the trail conditions you ride on, the weather you ride in, how hard you ride your bike, and how often your ride your bike. However, it is generally recommended you service your suspension at least once for ever 125 hours of riding, or once yearly - whichever comes sooner. That timetable is on the longer side, so if your bike gets heavy use in less than ideal conditions you will want to service it more regularly.

In between service appointments

A bit of simple maintenance done regularly at home can help your suspension perform well in between service. After every ride, you should thoroughly wash off your bike. When washing your bike, wash the exterior surfaces of the fork and shock, including the stanchions and seals, with mild, soapy water and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. This will help you maintain optimal performance.

Come see us today!

Whether you've been meticulous about maintenance and are due for your next appointment, or you've been neglectful and are a little ashamed of the state of your bike, we're here to help. Our experienced bicycle technicians can get your bike in tip top riding shape once again.